Leasing Management Software

A software tool to easily manage any type of Lease Assets

Duly Compliant with New Accounting Standard on Leases

IFRS 16 Leasing Software

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IND AS 116 Leasing Software

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MFRS 16 Leasing Software

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SFRS(I) 16 Leasing Software

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Leasing Software

The Platform for Lessee's

Manage Your Leases efficiently and Professionally

The software is designed for lessee’s in compliance with IFRS-16 on leases. Build to streamline your administrative additional workflow to enable you to easily value and manage your leases on a single destination with full disclosure from lease start to lease end.

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The Team Behind the Leasing Software

The advantages of Leasing Software

Simple & Intuitive

Create your account and benefit immediately of Leasing Software. Easy to Use, you will take in hand with full autonomy.


The subscription offers of Leasing Software are attractive and affordable to all sizes of companies. You have a trial period to test our software.


The Leasing Software offers innovative features to value your lease liabilities at present value, get disclosures at reporting period and lock your lease period. Explore full features of the software.


The Leasing Software offers a powerful set of features to speed up the valuation of your company’s leases and stay compliant with New Lease Accounting Standard.

Features of the Leasing Software

Features in Figures

  • 1000+

    Add Lease Assets
  • 1 Dashboard

    Track all Your Leases
  • Upto

    100 Years

    Lease Term
  • 168+

    Multiple Currencies
  • 1 Stop

    Destination for all Your leases
  • 7+

    Add Multiple Nature of leases Assets
  • 4+

    User Access
  • 1000+

    Manage Your Leases With Multiple Locations

Lease Valuation Basis

Own Use or Sub-Lease

Lease or Non-Lease Component

Fixed or Variable

Termination or Renewal or Purchase Option

Short-term or Low Value Lease Asset

Initial Direct Cost or Lease Incentives

Get Your Lease Valuation Done Easily and Instantly


Manage Your Settings

Complete Your Settings in accordance with the all Predefined fields applicable as per Lease Accounting Standard


Input Your Lease Details

Place Your Lease Inputs

  • Enter Lease Payments
  • Add Residual Value Guarntee
  • Apply Lease Escalation
  • Select Appropriate Discount Rate
  • Update Your Lease Cash Flows


Get Initial Lease Valuation

Get Your Initial Lease Valuation Instantly

  • Present Value of Lease Liability
  • Value of Lease Asset
  • Impairement Test
  • Review All Your Lease Details


Lease Modifications

Manage Your Lease Modification Easily

  • Manage any changes in your Lease Details with Lessor Upto Lease Term
  • Revalue Your Lease Subsequently for any change in Lease Details including Change in Discount Rates
  • Classify Your Subsequent Lease Modifications - Internally & With Lessor

Timely Update Lease Cash Flows

Timely Update Your Lease Cash Flows to Keep Accurate Lease Valuation

Easily Track Your Lease Balances

  • Present Value of Lease Liability
  • Accrued Interest
  • Value of Lease Asset
  • Depreciation on Lease Asset

Get Your Lease Disclosures

Get Completely Filled Lease Disclosures Details for Every Audit Period with Lease Maturity Analysis

Get Lease Reports You Require

Reconcile Lease Balances With Accounting

Reconcile Your Lease Balances on a Regular Basis with your Accounting Ledgers

Manage all your Leases and Stay Compliant with the New Accounting Standard on Leases

Explore Extra More Features

Your data safe and second. The data entered gets encrypted.

You can easily manage your leases in multiple currencies.

Get automated currency exchange rate

Define multiple users with roles

Lock your lease valuations with audit complete

Configure your common lease assets settings

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